Internet marketing draws people from many backgrounds. It is as diverse an industry as you will ever find. People from all walks of life and from countries all over the world have carved out a piece of the internet for themselves with varying degrees of success and more people climb aboard every day!

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can be in business today. The relatively low barriers to entry make this business a fascinating destination for many. With this experience comes the knowledge that someone somewhere is willing to pay for.

But the most common question is how do I. How do I take the information I have and put it on paper or a word processor? How do I package it? How do I price it? Advertise, distribute, or sell it? All logical questions for the uninitiated.

So what happens? You go out you buy the knowledge you need to complete these tasks but something happens along the way. You wind up spending a small fortune with on titles like How to get everything you ever wanted out of internet marketing for just $37.

Right now I am passing this information on to anyone willing to listen and I suggest you AT LEAST listen. Why?

Because the most valuable lesson you can learn is the one some else paid for! In our newsletters you will:

1. Learn the top 10 steps to take in your 1st 100 days

2. Learn who the top 10 people are that you need to be listening to

3. Find out who the top 10 people are to avoid BEFORE you take out your wallet!

4. And my favorite, learn what separates an internet marketer from an opportunity seeker!

You will Also Find out:

1. Who is the best hosting company and why

2. Who is the best Registrar? It’s not who you might think!

3. What software to use even if you can’t write one line of HTML code

The tips, tricks, and recommendations will hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls that most internet marketers make while showing you step by step how to raise the bar just a little higher than yesterday.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the 1st step or the 1st 100 days!

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