Facebook ads can work really well for both small businesses and larger businesses. If you are a large company with lots of employees, you can get pretty creative with them.

I have seen many different ways that large companies are using their employees. For example, my company is expanding, and I wanted to do something fun for the employees that have been there longer. Here are some ideas for advertising using your employees.

The first idea is a little more relaxed than a traditional office party. Basically you need to get people in your office to be more involved with the business. I would suggest having someone from the marketing department to come and give them a talk about how they can go about advertising on Facebook. Let them know that this would be fun and show how important it is to advertise.

Also, you might want to ask your employees to post videos or photos on Facebook. If they do this they will get to tell a story about their day or the day before or even the day after.

Small business owners will also find that they can do this. Maybe it’s easy to just hand out a few pens, but it makes your employees feel that they are making an impact on the company and how important it is for them to share their thoughts and opinions on social media.

Next, let them help out in the store and be exposed to the customer with all of the new things they have. You might even want to ask them to draw customers and then hand them out to your customers and coworkers.

This is another idea that small business owners will love to do. Get everyone in the company together and have them paint one wall a specific color and you will get all sorts of creative ideas.

Finally, we are going to discuss social media. The key here is to let them get creative and experiment with their thoughts and opinions on Facebook. People love this idea because they can get tons of exposure.

Basically, what this means is that you need to have someone from the company that can post to Facebook. Tell them to post pictures of employees or to post stories about the office.

To keep the conversations going, ask them to post their comments on your page. Again, you can have them do something that gets their creativity going and get them sharing their thoughts and opinions.

If you can get employees to post on Facebook, you will not only be able to promote your business, but you will be able to build some more loyalty to your employees. Plus you get to keep your office looking like a real place.

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